Women’s Health Coalition for Appropriate Breast Cancer Screening

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer that was missed by 3D tomosynthesis and would like to join the fight to ensure women in North Carolina have access to appropriate screening to find cancer early, please share your contact information in the form below.  The Coalition is also open to anyone interested in uniting to improve the quality of women’s health care in our state.

  1. Mammograms and 3D Tomosynthesis can miss up to 50% of cancers in dense breasts.
  2. Breast cancer is curable if found early.
  3. Twenty-eight states, but not North Carolina, have enacted legislation to provide women appropriate access to supplemental tests, such as an ultrasound or breast MRI, to find cancer early.

Let’s unite our voices to demand appropriate health care and protect the lives of the women in our state!